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Released a .psd of the kARÉ icons to let anyone doing them, and no more kARÉ icons from me... 

101 deviants said Why ? No !!
89 deviants said Yes, finally !!
18 deviants said "That's just being a dick" (actual comment I received :D)

Devious Comments

seth-del-morro Dec 15, 2010
hey men .. i really like the Karé icons style .. BUT .. unfortunatly there is only few ones that not cover all what we need .. may be it'll be nice if you release an iconpack .. and because it'll be a bit hard .. i guess a .psd would be great

u may register ur original work under CC license :p
dangzster Nov 9, 2010  Hobbyist Interface Designer
friend simply going to be honest, do it yourself after all your icons is your job something you created, and finally I admire your work very much to like themes for icons, keep this and not let go of something you created, right? go ahead and make new icons after you are the creator of these wonderful icons! ;)
only you can make that icon!!
NO, I don't see any reason for you to release the PSD!!
And you yourself told me that if anybody was talented enough to use Photoshop and modify a PSD, than why not make a set on their own or similar to their liking!!!:)
I support you 100% :D and like *emey87 mentioned, kARÉ might just become another copied style of icons!!!
Release it and keep doing them :D
ClockWorkLemons Oct 29, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
it would be good to release them. it gives people the chance to fill out the rest of the apps they have. just say in a readme that by no means may you upload your own ones, so its for personal use only
millenniumbugstudios Oct 29, 2010  Professional General Artist
Kare is the most awesome Windows 7 Superbar icon set ever. It was tailored toward the Superbar, and it was darn good at it. AP-Graphik seems to be busy with projects, like every professional. AND like every professional KNOWS, making icons is a process that is time-consuming AND takes a huge deal of creativity. This icon set was unique. It wasn't just any icon set. And as a the originator of this work, AP has the right to stop anyone from copying his work, or publishing mods in any way. AP, continue making them icons! When you're free.
I like Your kARE icon . and I wanted to see more Kare icons from you :)
If you feel that the name for the icons has been shattered and misrepresented then I would stop making them and don't release the psd. But by all means please don't stop if you don't want to, there are awesome icons and would be sorely missed. The community may need these icons but you should truly do what your heart tells you, you don't want a bad taste left in your mouth over this.
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