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Journal Entry: Mon Feb 22, 2010, 3:14 PM

>> How to change the icons on the superbar ?

First, place your shortcut on the desktop,
change icon by :
right-click > Properties > Change icons > browse..... > OK > OK
only then place this shortcut on the superbar,
and now it works. :)

>> What logs do you use to make your theme ?

Mainly Photoshop to edit pictures, and Restorator as well as Win7 Style Builder to edit the *.msstyles and the explorer.exe

>> Can I use your work for a personal release ?

Share my work is a real pleasure and I'd be glad you'll use it :)
...But please just don't make simple copies.

I enjoy screenshots too, to see my works used with others in a particular way is always a pleasure. And a link to my work is always appreciated.

>> What logs do you use to make your icons ?

I use the website convertico to convert my png (made with Photoshop) into ico.
The quality and size stay the same. It's simple as two clicks and a browse (and a save as) :)

And when I want to make a multiple icon (multiple sizes into one icon) I bound them together with icon sushi (surely not the best/most recent prog but it's free and do what I want ^^)

>> Can you send me your original psd files ?

If you want it for training then just check every options in Photoshop and try to copy what you see, it's the best way to learn !

>> Can you do this for me ?

I don't take free request. If you ask I may not answer to your message at all.
Thank you for your understanding.

But if it's an original work then don't hesitate to send me a note ! :)

>> When will you release this ?

If I haven't already said it then I don't know ! So please don't ask me about that.

>> What is the superbar ?

It's only the new taskbar of Windows 7.

>> Why didn't you answered my message ?

There's two reasons for that :
> It may be because the answer is either on the description, or obvious, or impossible, or stupid, or you could find it in 2s with Google, etc...
> BUT it can also be because you tell me an interesting idea and I want to keep it on my message center so I could remember it each time I go there !

And never forget that Google is your friend :)

You can still easily ask questions if you've got a problem with my works and I'll try to help.

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NikolaiH Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Too bad i cant have .psd templates :(
I would so like to make my own icons for personal use, i miss alot of them!
millenniumbugstudios Featured By Owner May 24, 2010  Professional General Artist
Hey AP, I'm diggin' these icons as in totally! But hey! I know that it is hard to please everyone and always come up with this Kare icons, but I would like to make a request for an icon guide. Every icon collection has a set of design principles that they follow, right? I mean like some other guys publlish. So just tell me those design principles and points, and I'll make a Kare set for other icons. Meaning a collab between you and me. SO yeah! this is cool.
ap-graphik Featured By Owner May 25, 2010
Again, I'm making this icons alone and I don't allow others to do them by themselves, you can of course do your own icons with whatever shapes you want, I don't own the shape, but don't named them kARÉ.
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February 22, 2010