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September 24, 2011
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Windows 8 Aero - mockup by ap-graphik Windows 8 Aero - mockup by ap-graphik
19/12/11 : small updates for inactive captions, nav buttons and the superbar

This is the way I think Aero should look like in Windows 8.

I made it willing to respect Aero (so I added a +10 in shininess on everything ^^), but trying to enhance it in the effects and spacing.

(If I made a theme for myself it will be different)

There is not 50 different colors and effects, most important navigation buttons are not hidden by other less useful buttons like in Windows Developer Preview.
Even from far away, the 2 most visible buttons are "back" and "close".

Glossy effects gives importance and means you can interact with and it will perform an action. The exceptions are the buttons that are already part of the UI, which is it, not glossy.

The top part of this Explorer is a bit smaller than the actual one (every pixels are important), without the feeling of being oppressed (less colors, less effects, no limitation and homogeneous spacing for everything.

I didn't include the help button, I strongly believe it's useless, people that actually need help to use Windows won't receive it with this function anyway, as it will remains too complex for them.
On the other hand, less buttons makes things more simple.

The Command Bar works like in Windows 7, but include the options of the ribbon.
The same way as in a web browser, a right-click on it gives the choice to make it appear or not (because most people use it rarely).

The historic of navigation also work like a web browser, it can be access with a right-click on the navigation buttons (yes we have at least 2 buttons on a mouse, lets use it ! ^^), or a left click for more than 1s.

I will explain more on the start menu later. It works pretty much like in WDP but with different options.

A right-click on the Start Orb gives access to "All Programs".

I've got more ergonomic ideas to enhance the old Windows desktop but I'll keep them to myself for now :)

As always, don't hesitate to say what you think about it !

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I find this to be an excellent vision of what Windows 8 Aero should look like. The more matte and soothing appearance far rivals anything Microsoft has done, and it is perfectly spaced, down to every pixel. The functionality of this is also just enough, without being too overbearing. Though I think the taskbar could be lightened up just a little bit, it's dark enough that it draws a little bit (really, just a little bit) too much attention to they eye. Other than that one little bit, this is excellent work as usual from AP-GRAPHIK.

Wonderful work my good sir.
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What are your plans for the production of this topic? It would be good if the theme supports both Windows 8 and Windows 7 )
This mockup is already extremly close to the current win 8 style and your superbar is to die for.
Could you please enlighten me will your future win 8 work continue to reflect the automatic colour changing feature of win 8 itself?
Nice. I hope you will ipmrove some Aero and release it when Windows 8 release :)
Yeah, it is better than original one!!! :)

I think - after release Beta/RC of Windows 8 - community will create a lot of visual styles better than original. For me original Aero in Win8 is ugly...
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